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Kibbutz Sasa
Kibbutz Sasa
Kibbutz Sasa was founded on January 13, 1949 on the site of the Arab village of the same name that was conquered by the Israeli Army during the War of Independence. The first Jewish settlement in the mountains of the Upper Galilee to be created after the War of Independence, Sasa was established by members of the Hashomer Hatzair Zionist youth movement of North America.


Sasa has a long history with a rich archeological heritage. Archeological finds prove the existence of a Jewish village on the site in the days of the Second Temple. The source of the name "Sasa" is the ancient Jewish text Mishna. It refers to the head of the wheat stalk. Sasa is 900 meters (3000 feet) above sea level and enjoys panoramic views in every direction.


Kibbutz Sasa has not undergone privatization, as have so many other communities of the kibbutz movement. It remains a fully communal society even in the modern age.


Sasa's population has four main sources: the founders' group, groups of Israelis, groups from Hashomer Hatzair in Europe (France, Italy and Switzerland) and young people born at Sasa or graduates of Sasa's Anne Frank Haven School. Today Kibbutz Sasa's population consists of some 400 people, of which 210 are members, while the remainders are young people in process of absorption or children.


Since it's founding, Sasa has seen education as a central value of the kibbutz, both for its own children and for children of neighboring communities. In the early 1960s, in contrast to the usual kibbutz movement policy of educating their own and Youth Aliyah children in separate kibbutz schools, Sasa took the decision to absorb Youth Aliyah children and integrate them fully with children born at Sasa. The resulting "Anne Frank Haven" formed the basis of the current regional high school located at Sasa. In addition, our elementary school, "Mountain View Primary School", was transformed, by decision of Sasa's members, to a regional institution for both Sasa and the surrounding settlements. Over the years Sasa has become an educational center for the Upper Galilee, from infancy to the age of service in the Israel Defense Forces.


The 1990s – 2000s saw the development of industry at Sasa, whereas previously the kibbutz earned its living almost entirely from agriculture,  principally our apple orchards. Today Plasan (ballistic and blast protection solutions) and SasaTech (home and automotive care products) are Sasa's primary sources of income, and employ a workforce from both within and beyond the boundaries of the kibbutz.



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